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Poetic Terms and MacBeth

Self-Written #2
Poetic Terms To Choose From!

Death Is A Cliché

as I sat in front of the mirror
I looked at myself
who had I become?
my wrists, slashed,
blood was flowing from my veins
the sink was clogged with
what kept me alive
I looked at the liquid,
and I realized
that death is a cliché
everyone does it
suicide is a cliché
everyone commits it
I hated myself for doing this
not because I was about to die
but because I knew
that I was just one of the crowd
I was dieing as one of the crowd
most of all, I hated myself
for writing another stupid poem
about suicide.

Written by Cristen Kleindienst, on May 6, 2005.

Cristen Kleindienst, English 11, Block A2, Mr. Brisebois, May 2005.